Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Withdrawal Begins!

After ten years of waiting, hype, and information leaks, the final book of Harry Potter was released last week. I wanted to say a few things about the final book, which is a reaction of me seeing five people in the same car reading the final book last night.

I'm not going to blurb out the ending, but I know there will be a few "WHATs" in the area for a few weeks. Since I know what happens (thanks wikipedia!), it gives me this question. Is J.K Rowling really done with the Wizarding Universe? Will there be spin-offs or even worse, a sequel!? Well more than likely there will be no more books concerning Harry Potter himself. Mostly because the author will run out of ideas. I mostly cannot think of anymore adventures of the boy. Would you let your child read possible HP books like Harry Potter and the Unexplained Pregnancy and Harry Potter and the Mushrooms of Wonder? Don't get me wrong, I liked the series and would recommend them to the youngin's. Hopefully now, they would start reading more Sci-Fi and Fantasy books.

Now I wonder, what will be the next big children's book and how far in the future will that be? Fanatics of HP will continue reading their respectable fanfiction and have their "Harry Potter withdrawal" which was something I found in an article found on AM New York a few days ago. Well if we see a sudden rise in Homosexual HP fanfiction we will all know why.

'Til Next Time.