Sunday, February 10, 2008


Today was a not so regular day. For once, I stayed at home today, mostly because the notion of me going to my best friend's house almost every week has been growing old. It's gotten quite boring now being with my best friend all the time. So, the day went on without any problems. I decided to sleep until 1:30 that afternoon, I ate some pancakes, and took another 2 hour nap. My mother made a "healthy" dinner consisting of roasted chicken, pasta shells, carrot salad with rasins, broccoli and romaine lettuce. It was quite nice and just what I needed from all the bad pizza and fries I've eaten this week. I had fun with my older sister and little brother.

Later that afternoon, I decided to clean my room, which I am currently a quarter of the way done. Just to let you know, I haven't cleaned this room in about 6 months because I haven't had the time to even touch a broom. The room quickly became my mother's fifth closet for her fabrics and what not. Well, it has always been that way, but It has gotten to a point where I couldn't even walk around my room because of all the crap in the way. Also, I went with the cleaning mostly because to fine things I lost somewhere in my room. This is what I currently found:
  • Three vegetarian Hindi cooking recipes, enough to make a dinner.
This is what I actually want to find:
  • Four books I owe for 2 libraries.
  • My 4GB Flash Drive.
I need to find my flash drive because I've finally declared my major in my college. I'm now pursuing a B.A in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing. I'm so excited about it because I'm also taking a fiction workshop with a teacher I had last semester, and I need a place to save my work other than my laptop, which is going through menopause at the moment, and my email. My current assignment is to write at least an eight page story about anything. Currently, I have the word "the" save on my word processor. My brain hurts whenever I'm trying to make up a scene but I'm glad my brain hurts because of that.

I decided to declare a major in General Psychology. I know it may sound weird for someone who is trying to become an editor, but I want to do this because I like the human mind. I like the theories that are currently floating around the world at the moment. If it means I have to take an extra year or seven, so be it. I know my dreams may be pushed back, but I want to do something other than reading literature, "expand my horizons," as one might say. I want to stare at rats at least once.

Now I have to think about how to finish cleaning this dang room.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

After An Attack From Three Racoons and A Chipmunk, I've Decided To Come Back

Well, the title says it all, after a complete semester of dissapointments and accomplishments (or at least what I think are considered accomplishments), I've decided to come back for another few days of wildly boring and potentially funny posts. I guess my absence was do to the confusion that I was going through these past months.

Until, next time.