Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's almost been two years since I last posted here. "How time flies" as people would say. I've decided to change (or add) a major to my already somewhat common degree.

"English and Sociology" I would write in my job applications, or the box of major choices.

The university is not licensed to put the majors on the diploma, so I could just tell them whatever the hell is considered a "Bachelor of Arts."

Of course, people will ask me what am I going to do with those two degrees, and I tell them, "possibly going to grad school, or working for a semester."

For my family, it's a different story: "What are you gonna do after you graduate?" My sister would ask.

"A drug dealer," I would say with seriousness. They already think that I'm doing drugs with my nerdy friends. Well, only the few people I hang out regularly are gaming nerds, and otakus. The others are just people that go to my college. So they're gangbangers and losers At the same time!

This is my second-to-last semester of college, and am I excited? Not really, I'm expecting the registrar to screw up with my graduation audit, and then tell me that I would have to stay for another two or three years. Might happen anyway becuase I'm thinking of staying for grad school, in what... I shouldn't say because I'll probably jinx it or something.

The story of my life continues...